Question Any ws(desktop) to laptop hardware connectivity solution ?

Jun 15, 2022
Hello, I am currently having a workstation(desktop) near me, and a laptop.

I need to hardware-control my wstation with my laptop. The workstation cannot use any remote desktop software of any kind.

Ideally, I would need some type of device or something, that would connect my workstation's output peripherals (monitor, mouse & keyboard) to my laptop, and create something similar to how a virtual machine operates.

That would mean having a window on my laptop to which I can go to and control my workstation. So in essence, I wouldnt need an extra mouse, keyboard and monitor for that ws, but rather I would do it all from my laptop. Is this possible as a hardware solution to this ? Like a reverse-dock or something or .. I dont know.

Also, I would need it to be connecting to the laptop through a single USB or HDMI (or to use a USB hub that connects to my laptop)

I have searched everywhere and I did find something but it wasnt really explained very well.

Much appreciated.
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