Question Anybody else getting their Radeon drivers updated like this?


I will have to check back on this myself next week. As I was wrapping things up at the shop today I went ahead and updated to 21H1 while doing closing work. It updated and came back seemingly fine.
On this particular machine I have had a bevy of minor issues and annoyances with the Radeon updater. It refuses to be turned off and refuses to accept that I don't want beta drivers.....that aspect didn't pop up in the limited time I worked with after update.
21.5.2 is a beta driver so this isn't too surprising. The latest WHQL driver is 21.4.1 from last month so if you install that, then WindowsUpdate would not try to "update" it.
I went full bore on it and did a repair windows 10 install this morning then went back to 21.3.1, which was great with my RX5700 before this. It never tried it again, but when I ran across this I opened up group policy editor and enable the policy to not update drivers with windows update. That's one nice option available when running Win 10 Pro.