[SOLVED] Anybody else lose access to entire game franchises on Steam?

Purchased a new Wolfenstein title on sale from Steam to find I can't install it, and access to the entire Wolfenstein franchise in my library is unavailable. Looked at the rest of my library and the Doom, Dungeon Siege, and Tomb Raider franchises are also having issues. Can't restore any previous backups, and only games that were currently installed are showing from those franchises. Rather than being playable however, the pages for each game in the franchise have a Purchase button, rather than a play button, and the button launches a window that eventually vanishes, so essentially isn't working.

Have no issues with my Valve account, have cleared Steam's download cache, checked different download server locations, and verified no filtering is taking place. Even games I own and ran literally 3 days ago are now having issues.

Anybody else seeing similar issues with these franchises or know if Steam is experiencing issues, is otherwise up to something, or losing titles from their catalog?