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Question Anybody ever had this happen?

Jul 14, 2020
I downloaded window 7x64 from site, on new drive, copied all my original files, backup to laptop harddrive. Intent to recover original system using factory settings. The machine started the activation notice after 3 days, i was not registering new copy but restoring original copy on Laptop, it started acting strange then it started denying me access to opening,deleting files.

So after research on trustinstaller issues i granted the administrator those rights. My backup drive attached to laptop i started copying all needed files back to original places. Then all of a sudden a wiindow popup showing files zipping across rapidly as i realized files were being deleted or removed preventing any kind of recovery leaving one file system, and removing anything else to reinstall, recover, restore. anything MSFT like pdfs or aid in recovery or boot from were gone, file recovery of any kind gone.

Programs related to boot or rescue deleted it removed files needed to exe. Program. Any extranal device plugged in to machine the same deleted files like wims gone& did so to compressed folders, iso, bin. Put new HD & it corrupts the disk preventing install of any operating sys, linux too.

Any disk placed in cdrom would have fileserased or disabled. As well as any antivirus program. Couldnt find any one on web with simular problem. People had lost files or got things deleted but deletions were selectful not random.

I would like to know what happened this is novirus but some internal MSFT security measure in software or what? I need to know why this happened and how i get my files back. There was no illegal software, everything legitimate. I placed some of those usb drives in other machines and the same thing happed to them. One file set allowing operation recovery gone. Viruses do some of things i mention but not in this fashion.

Is there some security measure like that or am i wrong if so what should i be looking for and how to remove it?