Anyone else having issues with DDR4 overheating?

Evan Shaffer

Sep 10, 2013
So my computer kept crashing... a lot. About every hour or so, the screen would freeze indefinitely and would need to force shutdown. I went through just about every troubleshooting procedure in the book - different graphics drivers, tried different cards, moved RAM around, monitored temperatures and airflow... To no avail. Then, when removing one of my RAM sticks, I noticed it got quite warm from being so close to my processor heat-sink. So, I added an intake fan next to it and kept the temperature down. Low and behold, I haven't had a freeze for three days and after multiple sessions of Battlefront. Has anyone else had issues with DDR4 memory overheating as well by chance?

Current System: CPU: i5-6600 Skylake
RAM: Panram 16GB 2400MHz DDR4
Mobo: MSi Z-170A Krait
GPU: 2x Crossfire R9 280 3GB
240GB SSD and 1TB WD Hard Drive configuration
850W Thermaltake Grand
Triple Monitor 1080p, 5760x1080 rez