Question Anyone else having trouble with ShadowPlay's icon not showing sometimes?

This has ben going on for a few driver/GF Experience updates now. The icon for Instant Replay will be showing in game in it's default lower right corner position, and when it does, I'm always able to get the last 20 min of game action saved with Instant Replay (Alt+F10).

Lately though, out of the blue, when I hit Alt+F10, I see no notification popup that verifies the last X min has been saved, and sure enough, the Instant Replay icon is also not showing. The odd thing is, when I hit Shift+Alt+F10 to turn it back on, it says I'm turning it off.

Despite ShadowPlay indicating it WAS in fact on, no Instant Replay capture is saved. When I quit game, then use Alt+Z to bring up the ShadowPlay HUD, then turn off Instant Replay, then turn Desktop Capture on in Privacy Control, the icon shows again in game. Last night I lost what would have been a pretty good capture of the 2nd Realm Tear battle at Nilfheim in God of War.

This seems to be an ongoing bug, but I want to check with others first to see if you are experiencing the same problems lately. For all I know, this could be an oversight by Nvidia that is only affecting GTX cards, since most of their driver updates are aimed at RTX anymore.

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Just found out the new update that came out yesterday supposedly fixes a bug "where Instant Replay unexpectedly turns off in multi-monitor PC setup". Apparently they weren't aware it was happening in single monitor setups too. I'll have to monitor this to see if it actually fixed the problem, so I've gone back to turning Desktop Capture off for now.

Squashed bugs!
  • Patched to the latest NVIDIA software security updates.
  • Fixed an issue with slower video frame rates with desktop capture and camera enabled
  • Fixed an issue where Instant Replay unexpectedly turns off in multi-monitor PC setup.
  • Fixed an issue with Gamestream with pin pairing.
Well, sure enough, I lost what could have been another good capture taking the chance that Nvidia fixed this problem. I DID get one good capture on the 3rd Realm Tear battle at Niflheim in God of War, which went way quicker than I thought it would, but then after laboring through finding and setting the 3 rune chest paddles, I hadn't noticed that the icon had yet again disappeared. So I'm back to having it set to capture desktop, hoping it will work that way. If not, I'll have to just start doing manual recording.
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