Anyone else using rabit bios tuner


Jun 19, 2003
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Im getting good results on my 9700 pro 128. with samsung memmory on board
memmory timungs are tight reading.
Now 4-3-6-4.0-2.0.
From 5-5-15-4.0-2.5 stock clock.
a linkage of the talk follows
and here another thread started
My aqua mark went up from 39,000 to 42,000 but i got good cooling an ram
sinks an thermal take giant 3 running at 364 core - 337 mem.
On a nf7s v2.0
running 225 fsb
10 multiplier
1 stick pc 3200 oc
an 1 stick pc 3500 oc
Runnig dual channel beleive it or not . 3dmark 2003 was 5100 now its 5900
more fluid movements except cpu test lol..
Post comments is it worth it umm i think so but dont screw with cas it
An i add it can screw you if ya go to far as in flash back if you can if
something happens like corruption big time in dos like i had.
I could still type but screen was screwed up then i knew i went to far.
But flashing back saved ok.
I suggest small increments at a time like i did.