Anyone else waiting to jump on the 64bit wagon?


Sep 30, 2003
After experiencing the format changes with the P4 since its introduction, and AMD anouncing its 90 nanometer production line gearing up, I'm thinking of waiting until they are firmly in the pipeline before I dive into the 64bit pool. Anyone else?


Dec 16, 2002
There's nothing to really wait for. As it stands now, unless you use linux or the beta of windows 64 you're not utilizing the 64 bit processor. Last I heard Microsoft will only distribute the software to OEMs.

In my opinion, the athlons have always been a better choice for most things since they introduced socket 939. What they do bring to the table is an onboard memory controller, a buffer overflow protection scheme built into the hardware (protection against virii,) and better performance than comparable Intel products. As far as I'm concerned, AMD is more "firmly in the pipeline" than Intel. Intel as of lately has been having trouble producing their highest end model, AMD hasn't. Both S939 (athlons) and LGA 775 (intel) are here to stay a while.

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Dec 31, 2007
It all comes down to what you're satisfied with. Waiting for the next great thing will leave you waiting forever. Buying a P4 CPU and getting a <A HREF="" target="_new">free</A> board for it is mighty appealing at the moment!

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I to, am waiting to go 64-bit. Right now, the really high-end 64-bit chips cost a small fortune. For the amount of money I am willing to spend, I don't get anything that is much better than my 2800+ XP chip. Yes going to like a 3000 or 3200 64-bit would help in my gaming some, but right now new games run great in 1600x1200 with high settings, so spending roughly $400 to get maybe 10 FPS more, just doesn't appeal to me.

After 939 stuff comes down, and they have some chips out that would truely give me a performance "jump" I will upgrade. At the moment though, it just doesn't seem like enough of a performance jump to justify the realtively high cost.

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Feb 19, 2004
In my case, it is very useful to have an AMD64 system now. Using WinXP-64 beta, I was able to test our unreleased 64-bit drivers, albeit, by running 32-bit programs.
albeit, by running 32-bit programs.
Thats another thing, there isn't a whole lot of 64-bit software support out there.

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Well then do it for the cool & quiet or NX, or just to have the best processor for doom3. I didn't want to do it because my xp-m was running at 2.4 just fine. Someone wanted my system, so I made the jump.
If you have tried an a64 system, you will see. It just feels smoother.


Jun 19, 2002
Well, I'm not exactly in a hurry...

I making long-term plans/savings for a dual AMD sometime next year; I want to wait until there is some genuine 64bit software (specifically 64bit versions of Max/Maya etc) and the socket proliferation has stopped (i.e. everything is on 939).

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