Question Anyone ever mess with a bot?

I had never knowingly gotten a "bot text" and interacted with it. Due to a sale situation I replied to an unknown phone number/text thinking it was my buyer for a paintball part. What followed was a very interesting interaction of which I have never participated.

The text lines came off much like an English Second Language type interation, very typical spammer stuff right after the very first reply. It almost always asks "where are you right now?"
Over the course of several days I had four distinctly different "conversations" with it, all on the same phone number but apparently unaware of conversations prior even as soon as within around two hours.

It seemed as if it's very first priority was to determine if you were female, and young. If that was the case it attempted to talk you up and wanted pictures. If you said any manner of verbiage in a seemingly complimentary context it would continue the conversation. Certain key words would immediately end the texting and the number would show as disconnected for a short time.

The other priority was money. It wanted gift cards as first priority. Credit card numbers were secondary to a bank transfer. I found a cool little site that will generate fake hashes for a number of various format which will pass the hash check. In each instance that I was "talked into" sending a gift card number I would get a very angry reply from the bot, or possibly the human handler within an hour or so.

Anything you asked it to do would almost always result in a positive response. Can you come help, will you come over, etc. It would honestly just about promise you anything so long as you were either on the hook for sending a picture, or sending money and very insistent that you follow through. It was an interesting interaction. It's fairly amazing the side effects of technological advances like these. Certainly takes "tech support" to a whole new level.
I think I might have had a small exchange via Whatsapp via Iphone.... (naturally, the cute and less-than-half my age Japanese 'girl' was chatty, polite, and I ended the conversation upon curiosity to my domestic situation, etc., ; so, the next day, 'she' sends another text beginning with the identical 'how are you?'

Color me skeptical!


In years past, I used to mess with the various fake calls from "MS", "Windows Services", etc. regarding my computer having problems and that they would fix them.

Could string the caller along for quite awhile as have many others. Details etc. TLDR. Was fun for awhile.

Unfortunately, one side effect is that your "number" gets a flag on it as being a live number and you get more and more such calls and contacts.

More likely to evolve into other schemes and scams of greater annoyance and risk.

Ignore the calls, block if possible.

Do not engage.