Question Anyone experienced this issue before, or shed any light on what it could be?

Dec 13, 2020
Hi all,

Hopefully I have posted this in the correct place as a new member.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Yesterday 12/11/20 after shutting down a game I was playing I experienced one of my monitors going completely brown and the other white. I rebooted and started testing games and application by opening and closing then to see if the error would reoccur and hopefully throw up some kind of code.

It happened every time I tried to close a game after it was launched, but showed different colours. On one occasion it threw up an error message.

The error code it gave me on one occasion only was;

what failed: nvlddmkm.sys

I have done some research online and people seemed to think it could be an issue with RAM or GFX card or a software issue like a gfx driver etc. I had just installed the new drivers from Nvidea the same day this started happening so booted in safe mode, uninstalled display drivers, redownloaded a fresh copy and installed. This has not made any difference.

I can use the computer for web browsing or MS Word etc. but as soon as I try to use any sort of game it crashes.

I have included pictures, any help greatly appreciated.

FYI - My gfx card is a 1080TI which I purchased bran new 3 years and 6 weeks ago, has never been overclocked and used normally by a moderate gamer. Temps have never exceeded 80c.

I don't have any spare gfx cards to test with, nor do I have other RAM etc. unfortunately so I am limited with what I can test.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, and I apprecate any help you can give.