Anyone familiar with Paypal?


Apr 20, 2013
I am a buyer, and I am paying to a merchant with Paypal. I'd like to know, if the merchant side will
only be able to look at my ONE shipping address and ONE billing address I assign for this time?
will they be able to know my other addresses provided to Paypal?

I have some other addresses that I added to Paypal but have hard time deleting them, looks like those addresses still appear in the option during checkout even after I have deleted them from the address list , which makes me feel quite uncomfortable.
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Okay, I bought a Puppy and paid the Breeder through her PayPal account. That went well. Sometime later, I get a Phone call one Morning from Sears asking me about the $500 HDTV I bought. I had purchased online from Sears in the past and apparently, the shipping address which had to be different caught their attention and they called me. Told them I hadn't purchased a TV. They said fine and cancelled it. They offered to send me the Invoice, should have gotten it. Anyway, I just called Chase and informed them and they close the account and reissued another card. In short, PayPal seems to be prone to hacking.