Anyone found an AM4 motherboard that supports higher than DDR4 3600

Oct 25, 2018
I'm just wondering if anybody else is found any AMD motherboards that support higher than DDR4 3600 natively. I've found the ROG x470-I supports DDR4 3600, and I know the performance gains after 3200 aren't that great I was just wondering what the highest supported memory anybody knows of AM4 motherboard right now.
Your CPU limits what natively will pop up and I think Ryzen refresh tops out at 3466, to go beyond that you would need to overclock which isn't that hard to do. I would image higher native speeds with the next batch of chips and bios revisions on X470. My X370 board under a 1600X would read 2933mhz and overclock to 3200mhz but when I updated the Bios and upgraded to a 2600X I now am running a stable 3600mhz with minimal playing around in overclocking.