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Question Anyone know a way to make a G7 power output video to hdmi?

Math Geek

i know it is not supported natively. but does anyone know of an app or other way to make it happen? i'm willing to root the phone if needed so that's not an issue :) no hotspot as an option either as his plan does not include that. though i have thought of rooting the phone to enable that feature but want to avoid that if possible.

my brother is stuck with no internet right now but has unlimited data on the phone. he'd love to be able to put the video onto the tv instead of watching it on the phone if possible. i've never had to mess with it so don't know if it is possible or not.

we'd like to avoid a chromecast as a solution so looking for more of an app solution since he already has the cable. not sure a chromecast even works without net access anyway so don't even wanna go there.

anyone have any experience, thoughts?

Math Geek

i've got a cable but the phone itself lacks the native ability to output video from the usb-c connection.

seems it's built into android but disabled on some phones (read not expensive flagship phones). i'm hoping there is a way to enable this feature with an app. might require a root of the phone but that's ok. many features like this can be enabled once rooted but i have not been in that game for a long time now.

guess i can look at xda forums and see what might be available once rooted. google store does not show any apps that i can find to do this without root, tough many claim to. (they usually just shortcut to the cast menu which is useless)

i wish google would just leave miracast in there as it worked great, but they want you to spend the cash on a chromecast instead of using the free feature that used to be there :(