Anyone know Exchange???


May 4, 2001
im having trouble setting up my email. im hoping someone can help. i have 2 domains and a workgroup. all on the same subnet. the boston domain is running nt server and is the exchange 5.5 server. the other domain is new york and is win 2k server. they have a 2 way trust. i have 15 win98 machines in the workgroup. every computer is running outlook 2000. i have all the accounts setup in user mgr. when i send an email, it goes in my outbox, but is never received in the inbox, even if i cc myself on it. im pretty new to this and dont expect someone to teach me, but if you could maybe send a few hints about things to check etc, i would be very grateful.

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Dec 31, 2007
Did you added the Exchange service within your Outlook client? If I remember, it is in Tools\Services, you'll have to give your Domain name "[Domain]\[User]", for me its "lsgi_admin\sabouj1" and password. Maybe you already done this.

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Mar 22, 2001
Exchange uses NT user accounts to validate users. You must have a user account in one of the domains. Outlook needs to be set up in "Corporate or Workgroup" mode. (Look at Tools...Options...Mail Delivery tab... Reconfigure Mail Support button.) Obviously, you need an account on the Exchange server. A quick way to check is to go to the control panel and check the Mail applet. As BrainStorm points out, you need to configure the Exchange Server component. Enter your server name and user name. Click the Check Name button. If the two are recognized, the system will underline the entries you just entered. If it can't find the account or server you'll get an error.

Also, to store email locally, you'll need personal folders installed. You'll also have to tell Outlook where to deliver messages. Without Personal Folders set up, everything gets delivered to the server mailbox. With Personal Folders installed you have a choice. You can set this up in Outlook under Tools...Services...Delivery...(if my memory is OK) I like to keep my mail on the server, that way I can easily see it from more than one location. This is especially nice if the server is running Outlook Web Access, which lets you access your email, calendar and contacts via the Internet with a browser. I use personal folders only for archiving and such.