[SOLVED] Anyone know where I can get drivers for this DVD Drive

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Does the device show up in device manager?
Is there a yellow exclamation point indicating a need for driver?
If it does, click on properties. Does it say the device is functioning normally?

Are you plugged in to a usb1/2/3 port?
Can you try a different port?


I think they might be right about the power. If the USB cable you are using is not a dual USB A power feed, like this, then it probably needs to be in order to work. I have a newer Blu ray drive that will spin up and is recognized, but it will not read or write to any discs without the dual ended cable although mine isn't dual A to B, it's Dual A to Micro B Super speed.

I think you need one of these:

Aug 20, 2019
Thanks, I was gone so long that the forum software completely changed. It's quite a shock but perhaps this new setup works better for phones...
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. The disc doesn't not mount for sure. The led just constantly blinks and you can hear the movement inside like its trying to figure things out. Tried music, DVD, data cds as well. So we know it not mounting. Tried codec pack, no change. I ran a cleaning disc in it, did not make a difference.
I am only using single USB, I will try Y cable to use 2 USB to get more power and see if that works.
I removed the black plug next to the USB plug and there is a pin behind there. Looks like maybe a plug for a power source? it has never been removed as the black rubber piece was glued over hole.

Looking more online since it was mentioned above, this might be part of some sort of tablet device.

If the Y cable doesn't work I'm going to take it apart and see if this plug is for some sort of power source, if so ill try applying 5V to it.

It does look like it's for power from all the decoupling caps bridging one lead to the ground plane, and the inline diode preventing current from feeding back into the USB port (but allowing the port to feed the power transistor too). The metal cap on the back of the jack blocks us from seeing if that lead runs right into the +5v pin of the USB port.

Considering USB 3.0 wasn't even announced until after that drive was made, you can bet it's USB 2.0 which is fast enough for any DVD drive ever made. However USB 3.0 ports can deliver more power, so what happens if you plug the cable you've got into a blue port?