Anyone MSCE?



I just got my MCP about three months ago, still working on my MCSE (long hard road). I took an MCSE course at a local computer training school. If your going to self study (which is ok) make sure you have a lab set up at home where you can practice the exercises (oh yea, you need to buy the MCSE books, about $120.00 for the whole set). For the lab you will need 1 server (windows 2000 server), and at least 1 workstation (windows 2000 pro) to set up your network. If you have all the equipment then you should self study, if you don't have the extra computers and the software then you can probably sign up for a class for less money, just make sure you take a hands on course.

The MCSE 2000 track consists of 7 exams (4 core and 3 electives). Go to for more info.

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May 29, 2001
Yea i just started with the first book, and im getting my copy of professinal soon... i have a ling history goign back with pc's since i was a kid, and it just seems so easy to me..

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Dec 31, 2007
Reall y need the Server edition too huh? Have Pro. Would really like to get going on this and school is too far away and too much M$ (same thing). Oh yeah a child and work take a bit of my time too.

I ahve to say sometimes I get so frustrated that I want to give these things away!!! Hold on there . . . at least sell them! Learning Linux it seems to give me a lot of info I need for basics of any OS.

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