Anyone want to help a noob overclock? E7200


Oct 2, 2008
I'm looking to overclock my CPU and need your help!

First, let me say that I have never overclocked anything and don't know what tools I will need to do so.

So on to my machine:

CPU - Intel C2D E7200 2.53ghz (P31/P35)
MOBO - Gigabyte P35-S3G
RAM - 2*2GB OCZ Gold 800mhz
GFX - Asus nVIDIA 8800GT 512mb
CASE - Antec 300 (2*120mm fans)
OS - Windows Vista Ultimate x64

I have a software called PCwizard2008 if you need any more detailed info.

So I've read that this chip/motherboard combo are decent for overclocking up to speeds of around 3.5ghz. If I could get near that I will be happy :)

This is your chance to educate a n00b.

1. What software am I going to need?
2. Is there a good overclocking guide that is better than the junk Google turns up?
3. Is anyone willing to give me detailed instructions on exactly how to overclock this specific setup?
4. Will I need to acquire a CPU fan? I have only the stock Intel one at the moment.
5. What sort of speed do you think I can get to?

Many thanks if you can!