Anyone who has bought from


Feb 14, 2010
im planning on buying a Cpu from Newegg. for the payment i know newegg takes paypal but do i have to enter my credit card number even if i use paypal? or even have a credit card? the reason i ask is because i dont have a credit card, i only have a paypal linked to my bank account.
you will have no problem at all thats how i use my paypal its just linked to my checking account and i buy stuff from newegg all the time.
Not sure how the PayPal system there works but would think you just need your account info to enter and they may require that the shipping address is the same as that contained in the PayPal info) - If paypal does not work properly for you - they will take payment by check or money order - you just select the pre-paid check option in the payments window and then print the invoice and send a copy of it along with your payment with the order # written in the memo line (they give you 10 days to get the payment to them and ship your purchase as soon as the check clears your bank. (It does add several days to getting your purchase but is an option if you do not have a credit card !)