Question Anyway to get a Asus RTX 2060 OC 12GB Installed and working on Windows 7


Jan 29, 2020
Hi, I wanted to revert back from Windows 10 to Windows 7 with this card, I know I might loose some features such as ray tracing etc, but needed to go back to that OS for audio quality reasons and music editing, as i'm having problems with the quality on Windows 10, I have tried every solution on the net nothing fixes it or it just sounds good for a while until the next boot. And the quality just seemed hassle free and superior in Windows 7. (Realtek Audio ALC982)

I managed to get everything on my setup working fine on that OS before loads of times with an old GTX 1650 Super OC, But since upgrading to the new card it refuses to let me install any drivers for it on Windows 7, It unpacks the drivers to C: then just quits. I tried looking for the unpacked files and they automatically disappear straight afterwards?

I'm using a mix of ancient and new hardware but its all compatible maybe with a bottleneck until I can afford to upgrade the rest.