Question AOC C24G1 vs Acer Nitro VG240Y (Pbiip)


Mar 17, 2019
I don't know which one to buy, the price difference is 10 bucks the Nitro being the more expensive on.

Both are 144hz 1ms response time

Nitro is an IPS
AOC is a VA

I usually game, sometimes edit but mostly watch youtube videos now waiting for a new game to come out so I can record it and edit.

The nitro has built-in speakers, is a flat-screen, and not height adjustable

The AOC doesn't have speakers, is curved a bit and is height adjustable.

Nitro says it has a 1ms response time with VRB. The AOC is also 1ms but doesn't say VRB.

The nitro is in a store near me and the AOC is online ordered. Shipping is free tho

both are 24 in

Which one should I choose, Please help!


Nov 27, 2013
I was going through the same process, and found a very helpful website. Up to you if you trust them, but individual things I found back also on other sites.

The have a ton of monitor spec explanation, and one section called "Price & Similar Monitors". I never read the other specs, but went always straight to this section.

Both your monitors are there. The Acer VG240YP was also on our shortlist, because I always worked with Acer monitors. The site states: "We also reviewed the AOC 24G2 monitor which uses the same panel as the VG240YP. The 24G2 is cheaper yet it offers full ergonomic support, a wider color gamut, and more additional features".

The AOC C24G1 curved monitor is mentioned there also: "Now, some users prefer a higher contrast ratio to color vibrancy for deeper blacks, so those who don’t mind ghosting in fast-paced games may want to consider the cheaper AOC C24G1 as well".

I read somewhere that for video editing and photo work, a curved monitor is less good.

Anyway, enjoy the search. In the end, we decided that the newer flat AOC C24G2 probably was a better deal than the already older type curved monitor AOC C24G1. However, in 2019, the AOC C24G1 was still mentioned as a very good deal.