AOC Launches New mySmart Android All-in-Ones

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Sep 20, 2012
Tegra 3 1.6ghz in 2014 on a HUGE AIO? This should be K1 for $20-30 more as we know the chip probably costs $10-20 more to purchase. Even Intel's socs are priced ~$45 so. They will sell these to idiots.*%26categoryusagetablets_dte2%3DAll-in-one%2Btouch%26ContextCategoryUUID%3DTEcQwSiESggAAAE9byBPqPsP%26%40Sort.TieredPricing%3D0&ShopByUse=All-in-one+touch

$399 T4, 1.9ghz, 21.5in AIO, 720p cam, 3usb 2.0, 8BG etc etc all the same. Toshiba has the same. I don't get this. Management should be fired for allowing this to get to fruition in mid 2014 :( Another 2in for T3 equals the same price? That chip sucks and you won't be gaming on either of these junkers. At least with T4/K1 you have a decent shot at gaming not to mention far more power even in cpu terms. Even needing chips a while back to make these, you should have chosen T4 (and I hope you're gearing up a K1 version). Also NOT Jelly Bean? Do they know it's mid 2014? Zero comments should tell AOC something...ROFL. Nobody cares. No USB 3.0 in 2014? Jeez.

At least they got the 1080p part right (perfect for movies, and semi game worthy if you had a better gpu like T4 at least). It's comic we have 2560x1600 on devices that are 10in from 2yrs ago, but only now are they wising up that this is way too high for any soc to handle in anything but a web page or email. It's comic $400-500 consoles can't even push 1080p in everything at ~125w but we try even higher in <10w...ROFL. Useless compared to other offerings. I hope these sell ZERO so they get that $10-20 for massive power increases is worth it on a device you'll probably have for years. You don't toss out 22-24in AIO every year in most cases. These aren't like phones, rather probably going to be many people's first PC type anything, and are not subsidized by contracts. No battery means it stays at home as a PC probably. So again, stuck in stone should have bet much higher (T4/S800 etc). I'd like to hear AOC explain why it's better than Toshiba/HP T4 models etc.

At $400 and up and a huge screen surely you should be opting for a better chip for what amounts to a cost difference of $10-20 and T4 is in the same power envelope as T3 so it's not a radically different design to support T4 instead. Gaming isn't important to everyone but surely more power is better in everything when we're talking $10-20 on a $400 item. We are talking 6x the gpu and a ton more cpu power with A15 vs A9 and more added mhz on top of extra IPC. I'm repeating myself here (worth repeating, they don't get it), but we're talking 2.5-5% more cash for 6x gpu and a good deal more cpu. Say what? You just killed a LOT of sales. Bah, whatever...
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