Question Aorus 15P XD Intel® Core™ i7-11800H - Random CPU Frequency Drops While Playing Any Game


Mar 26, 2021
I recently updated my BIOS to the latest version on the Control Center app suggested by a Gigabyte support employee themselves. I now have the 'latest' and 'official' BIOS ver. according to the app.

It's called FE09 and I was previously at FE02.

I don't know if this was always the case, but it seems my CPU frequency is fluctuating in Destiny 2 and it causes random lag spikes during moments that shouldn't be graphically intensive, it's completely random whenever I move or do anything to interact with GUI.

I'm using Throttlestop 9.4 and using the high-performance power plan and the EPP value should be at 0, but it's not. My CPU is never constantly at its highest CPU frequency, at some point it dropped to somewhere around 1.7Ghz-2.0Ghz for absolutely no reason until I closed the game. My CPU seems to have no problem running high frequencies when not running games. I don't have BD prochot or any throttling settings that I can think of on Throttlestop.

Does anyone know a solution to fixing this?
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