Question Aorus 2080 fan RPM and cooling


Feb 18, 2019
Good Afternoon all,

I bought myself a Aorus RTX 2080 some time ago and its been running perfectly. Over the past few weeks i have noticed some issues but im not too sure if its the card thats gone faulty or its a setting on my PC i need to change or something.


Whenever playing any game now (unless on low-medium graphics) i can see my temperatures slowly ramping to around 80 degrees (Celsius) although some people have told me:

  • This temp is suitable and can be considered an optimal temperature for the 2080.
  • Temp is a little high and could potentially damage the card.
I used to be able to play GTAV on ultra graphics without an issue, but now as soon as i step inside a building the temps go to 80 degrees and the fans goto over 4000rpm. Funny thing is, playing PC Building Simulator with VSYNC has the same issue, but disabling VSYNC lets the game run without it happening.

I sent Gigabyte an email over asking if they had any knowledge or any advice and i just had a replying saying due to country, location, weather they cannot provide me any information.

Other than the spec, im using the NZXT Razer H440 case, with 3 240mm fans at the back and top and 2 120mm fans in front of the CPU radiator at the front of the case.

I have some images of the issue with me playing Sniper Elite 4 - View:

If anyone has any advice or needs any more information please let me know :)



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