Question Aorus 3060 Ti Elite - fans won't stop once they start spinning!

Oct 16, 2021
Hello everyone, first post this forum, I am kind of desperate to resolve this.

It's been something like a week now that I started hearing my PC making 'noise' - everything inside is dead silent, so the slightest change can be heard. I initially thought it was my case fan/aux combo because I couldn't make anything else out of the readings on task manager / gpu-z. Today it was happening way too often so I decided to spend some time to investigate.

So, I realized that once my GPU fans start working, they won't stop spinning - GPU has 3 fans - when the PC starts, all 3 spin up and then down. Once I enter windows and they start working, then only the third fan will stop spinning. The first two maintain their initial speed.

I installed Aorus Engine which has two profiles for fans - one is 'Semi-passive' (default) and one is 'Active'. In passive mode fan indicator shows the correct value - aka 0, fans not spinning. Switching to 'Active' mode turns all 3 fans on and then immediately back to 'Passive' only turns off the 3rd fan while the first two keep spinning, although the fan speed inside monitoring shows 0 fan speed.

GPU-z has 2 fan speed pairs - Fan 1 and Fan 2 - from what I realized, 'Fan 1' is the actual pair Fan1/2 and Fan 2 is actual 'Fan 3'. Fan 2 gives a reading on RPM, while Fan 1 doesn't. So from what I understand there's no reading for the pair Fan 1/2 and that's why they won't turn off.

I downgraded from latest nvidia drivers to a lower version (4.71.11) after using DDU, however problem remains.

So, is there any way to 'reset' this in case it was somehow stuck? Hardware, software, whatever? Help!

Edit: I found a similar thread in a different forum and I saw that since there's no indicator for fan speed, it could be a disconnected fan cable. Could this be the case? However, the card is brand new - should I RMA just for a cable? From the side I can see something that looks like a fan cable, it seems to be connected properly though.
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