Question AORUS B450 Pro WiFi & Deepcool CF120 fans.

Aug 26, 2020
Hey guys!

I bought 2x Deepcool CF120's and a cooler master 1-to-5 ARGB splitter. I have an AORUS B450 Pro Wifi motherboard that has 2x 3-pin ARGB header, but I plan to connect my CF120 fans to the first ARGB header. My question is, is it safe to use an ARGB splitter for 2x CF120 ARGB fans? Btw, the LED current rating of the CF120 model is .48A.

I asked Gigabyte about this, and their answer just got me more confused. Refer to their answer below.

Answer:How many of these CF120's can I connect to 1x ARGB header?
We only test one fan (or one set of fan) per one fan header. If you will use a fan hub, then it will be at your own risk.

Does this mean 1x SYS_FAN 4-pin fan header can support up to 2 Amps?
Yes, it does.

Thanks in advance for your answers.