Question AORUS GeForce RTX™ 2080 Heat issue

May 12, 2019
Hi all, first time posting, have gotten many answers from this forum- Y'all are great :D

I have a AORUS GeForce RTX™ 2080 xtreme waterforce 8G card- I bought it just over a month ago- and it has been working fantastically until a few days ago.

I get temperature's in the high 80's when playing games. Battlefield 5, Star Conflict, DOTA2, it takes under 1 minute for my card to reach 85+ degrees celcius, and this is without joining a game- this is just sitting in menu for those games!

I'm struggling to figure out why this is happening. I haven't changed any settings on the card or PC- it was fine one day, then hot the next. I kind of want to take apart the water cooler/tubes for the radiator and check the liquid. I've run the card with 100% fan speed and same result, so the fans seem to be doing little to nothing to cool down the card- since they are attached to the radiator not the card itself, it seems like the water cooling isn't working as intended.

If anyone has any advice, or any idea's what could be the problem, I would greatly appreciate it :) and any logs or measurements or further information required to better assess this, please ask or PM and I will happily gather that and post it :)

Again, anything is much appreciated, and anyone who posts fairly regularly here- much appreciated the answers I have gotten here in the past, you are all great in my book :)

-edit- not sure if this helps, but browsing/sitting in windows, idles around 48 degrees, was previously idly around 30-35~ roughly. Wasn't paying as much attention to it when it was working, but had a look out of curiousity :)
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