Question AORUS H370 emits 5 short beeps during a cold power on?

Feb 12, 2019

VERY RARELY my AORUS H370 emits 5 short beeps during a cold power on. Is it permissible sometimes, or could it be something to be concerned?


1 year and 5 months ago, my pc (2 months after i built it) after a cold boot did 5 beeps (i know in amy bios that's cpu-related) and black screen: i did a reset by button and it started working.
Until today, my Pc has always worked very fine, no bsod or serious errors. I thought that 5 beeps problem could be referred to my old PSU (thermaltake berlin white label 80+ SIRTEC), so i replaced it with Seasonic focus+ gold 650 last january and my pc kept on working fine. Today it happend again: 5 short beeps but this time in a different way, i didn't see POST AORUS logo but after few seconds pc loaded OS win10 without the need to reset pc by button.
I took a look in event viewer finding no errors. I also ran a prime95 blend test, just to check stability, getting 0 errors and 0 warnings after about 17 minutes, i also ran other benchmarks: CPU temp below 75 and GPU below 60.

The only change i've recently done is switching PSU button from normal to hybrid-mode (seasonic feature that lets psu fan spin only going over a certain load). Anyway after the 5 beeps event, i switched to "Seasonic normal mode" again, loaded Bios default settings (even if the only thing i changed with respect to default, was disabling iGpu output days ago).
I did several resets, shut down and turn on today and the issue about 5 beeps hasn't come up again.

My specs:
-H370 Aorus Gaming 3 wifi (latest BIOS F13)
-Intel core i5 8600k (i know it's not appropriate for H chipset but when i bought its price was a deal)
-32GB (4x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-19200
-Cooler Noctua NH-U12S (dual NF-F12 fans)
-GPU EVGA GTX 1650 SC Ultra Gaming (drivers updated)
-SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB -HD Western Digital Blue 2TB
-HD Western Digital Red 3TB
-M2 SSD XPG SX2800 pro 512GB
-PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650
-case: cooler master N300
-fans: NF-A14 front intake, 2xNF-S12A noctua back and top exhaust
-Win 10 pro 1909

So what do you think? I know mobo beeps are always an allarming signal (serious hardware problem), but this issue has happend so seldom that i don't know what to think.
Do you think could it be related to hybrid Seasonic PSU mode, BIOS lazy reaction, any power supply braking or anything like that?

Sorry for my long post but i'm concerned,
Thank you very much