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Aug 28, 2015
The Aorus Liquid Cooler 360 delivers good cooling performance in a quiet package with a flashy customizable LCD screen atop the pump.

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I owned the 240 version of this cooler, and the software was dangerous CPU melting garbage. It was so bad that six months later I'm still angry about it. On the plus side, the cooler is cold, quiet, and pretty. If you don't mind it being completely unreliable, please buy this brand.

So, what's the problem? The problem is the fan/pump speeds are entirely software/USB controlled, and, here's the bug: If the CPU got too busy (AMD Ryzen 7 2800) ... the software would freeze, and would require restarting the Aorus software via task manager. So, I start up say Vermintide, the screen on the CPU cooler shows 28 C. I'm thinking, wow, that's fantastic! OK, 10 minutes of playing later the fan speeds are flat, the pump speed is flat, display shows 28C. Well, it's all a lie. Go looking in AMD Ryzen master, actual temp is a lot hotter. WTF?

Restart Aorus, and bam, suddenly the pump and fans spin up, and the pump display temp jumps up 25 degrees. Finally used the MSI utility CPUID and it's CPU benchmark to prove the problem was as described. I could 100% reliably hang up the fan software.

So, into the garbage it goes. Then I switched to Thermaltake, who had been super reliable for me in the past. This one had a card fluttering (air bubble) sound no amount of tilting could get rid of. That goes into the garbage too and now, many hundreds of dollars wiser, I am using a custom loop with Argus Monitor and it's silent, quiet and 100% reliable.

I should point out this was not my only software problem with the Aorus kit, I had plenty of other instances of it hanging up trying to get a custom display, rotating the display etc. and same thing would happen, the fan and pump speeds would be locked in place until the software was forcibly restarted via task manager.
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Oct 4, 2006
I have an Aorus extreme GTX 1080ti (remember those?) and while I love the actual build quality of the hardware and the performance three years later, I absolutely agree with the Aorus software being useless rubbish. Luckily I would only use it for rgb and I just leave it at default these days, it would crash and hang and use up all my cpu all of the time. I would not buy an Aorus product again (or Gigabyte for that matter) as apparently they have not improved one bit...