[SOLVED] Aorus x570 i Pro Wifi and 5900x - no post

Dec 18, 2020
I wanted to assemble a pc for Christmas but it is not booting and not giving any beeps. I'm getting desperate, having spent weeks trying to figure out the problem, so I decided to post here I hope that somebody can help me diagnose the problem. I will try to write down all the information.

  • Aorus x570 i Pro Wifi (new)
  • Ryzen 5900x (new)
  • HyperX 32GB 1 Stick, HX432C16FB3/32 (new)
  • Corsair SF600 gold (second hand)
  • GTX 960 (quite old)
  • Kraken X63 (new)

  • When all components are in connected, the fans start spinning and the RGB lights of the motherboard start. The gpu fans are also spinning. I plugged in a speaker and there are no beeps at all. There is no display.
  • I borrowed an RTX 3070 from a friend. Same result
  • I borrowed a Ryzen 2700 from another friend. Same result
  • When I turn on the power, the first few seconds the fans start spinning, then the rgb lights of the mobo turn on and the fans spin faster. I can turn off the system by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.
  • When I start the system without RAM and GPU, the RGB lights of the motherboard don't turn on, the fans don't spin faster and I can't turn off the system by long pressing the power button.

- I tried flashing F21, then F30 and then F31 using q flash plus. I inserted a usb stick without the cpu in and flashed by pressing the q flash plus button. An orange led blinked for around 5 minutes and the system shut off. I assume that the flashing went OK.

I'm desperate and I would be happy for any hints about which steps I should take next.
Currently I have the following thoughts. Please correct me if this is wrong:
  • The PSU is broken. I bought the PSU second hand. I tested it by starting it with a pin. Could it be that the PSU is still broken and this leads to the described behavior?
  • I broke the motherboard by either flashing the bios in the wrong way or by accidentally touching some circuits.
  • The motherboard came DOA.
  • The RAM module is not supported.

Would it make sense to buy a new PSU or a new motherboard?

Thanks a lot
Borrow a known working PSU. Try that..

If it doesn't work: Remove everything from the case. Assemble PC on a desk or table. Go through every component one by one and reassemble making sure its fully seated/connected.
Dec 18, 2020
Wait....a single 32gb stick?

I don't think Ryzen supports that. Plus, you WANT a 2x kit for much better performance. Return that RAM and get a 2x8gb or 2x16gb kit in 3600mhz.

Thanks for the reply! I understand that a 2x kit has better performance. My idea was to buy another 32GB stick later on. This is my first build, so I made a mistake here. I will borrow a RAM stick from a friend today to try out.
Dec 18, 2020
RAM is only guaranteed to work together when purchased as a kit.
I tried it yesterday with my friend's Corsair Vengeance RAM sticks. It is a kit of 2x 32GB sticks. Same behavior. Unfortunately he didn't have any other RAM sticks. I could buy a 2x16 GB kit, but I would like to know for sure that it is the RAM or else I would be throwing out money for nothing..
What I don't understand is, why there is no post signal for missing RAM if I don't plug in any RAM. If I boot without RAM, it doesn't even power on the RGB lights of the motherboard and the fans spin slightly slower.
Do you really think these are symptoms of uncompatible RAM?