Question Aorus z390 red light (no display

Dec 30, 2020
Hello everyone!
I'm making an upgrade to a "new computer" New motherboard Aorus 390 pro, 32 gb ram 3000 mhz and a intel i7 9700k I'm using the same power supply and same gpu from my old computer. (Certified 500w) researching I know that's enough I'm using a gtx 1660, no TI no Super.
I've been with this problem 3 weeks now, because I had to ask for replacements and other stuff, first was my bad, because I have a intel i5 6600k wich is not compatible with this board (I'm dumb for not checking compatibility list), so I got this intel i7 that is compatible with this board, took me 2 hours to move everything again from my other computer to the new case, and I'm still having the same issue, the board shows the BRAM red light, the computer turns on for like 10 seconds then turns on again like a restart and that's it.
After that, it stays on, the fans work fine, and everything else seems fine, but BRAM is the only thing that is marked in red. I have one monitor plugged in and there's no display.
Remember, I said I asked for a replacement was for the motherboard in both boards I have the same issue, trying every ram slot even with 4x8 (16gb) 2600 mhz, one by one in every ram slot and same thing, also tried removing the board battery for 20 minutes and same thingsñ what else I can do to fix this problem I'm really very stressed, pleas help.
I've already researched a lot on google trying a lot of things and none of them worked al ready for me.

Edit cleaned the ram sticks with an eraser and put a bit of pressure to them, now red light in BRAM IS GONE, but now I have a red light on the VGA slot and yes I removed the VGA and I'm still having the red light on vga

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Dec 29, 2020
I had a similar problem

What I did is I took out most things and put things back in. Then the manual is says you can use the A/B1 channel or the A/B2 channel. So I moved my sticks from the 1 to the 2 channel and tested. No video signal came from the MOBO but got it from the PCIE video card. Not sure how helpful this will be for you since you have 4 sticks but good luck.