Question Aorus Z390 went to heaven --- Having BIGG Issues with this ROG Strix replacement ?


Mar 8, 2019
alright so as i said, aorus z390 board went to heaven.. since motherboards are insanely difficult to find right now around my area, i had zero choice but to buy a ROG Strix Z390 Gaming-F.

it was the only board that fit the specs i currently had with the aorus board that failed, 2 m.2 slots, pcie, sata ports, usb 3.1 etc etc.. so i bought it!

currently have everything running and fresh install of windows and fresh bios update as well, ive tried youtube, this forum, absolutely everything i/everyone else said to do to fix these issues but have come up empty handed!

problem #1 --- 2080 Super XC Ultra has the capability to run PCIe gen 3x16 @ 8.0 GT/s but is currently running PCIe Gen 3x8 @ 2.5 GT/s, all bios settings are set to gen 3, cmos reset, bios update, etc etc.. countless troubleshooting problems, and benchmarks are down hardddddddd

problem#2--- my 970 Pro is reading at 3,300 MBPS but writing at 500mbps if im lucky, its an absolute turtle.. again all pcie is set to gen 3 and is somehow at pcie gen 3x1. ill list my specs below but i should be well within the motherboards/cpu limits of pcie express lanes.

any help would be appreciated before i have to take this board back.. its been driving me absolutely crazy trying to figure out why!
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