Question Apex Legends causing many display issues

Oct 20, 2019
After launching Apex I can't:
  • Change windows resolution or refresh rate
  • Tab back into the game without 5-20 tries. (most of the time I just get a black screen for a second, then I return to windows, sometimes I get lucky and get to tab in from 1-2 tries.)
I also cannot use borderless windowed mode or alt-enter to force windowed mode. It either crashes or gets stuck in a super zoomed in window focused in the top left corner.

I've tried:
Adding -refresh 240 in launch options
Removing all nvidia settings
Reinstalling the game
Repairing the game
Using a different displayport cable
Removing settings, videoconfig, and profile files

This happens on both of my monitors.
This problem only occurs from opening Apex Legends and my entire PC gets locked to 1920x1080 144hz (can't even go lower than 144).

The only thing that helps is if I restart my computer, I can then change settings perfectly fine. Once I open Apex again the problems comes back.

Installing lightboost made alt tabbing work, but that locks my pc to 120hz and adds input lag.