Question Apex legends throttling CPU.

Jun 15, 2019
Hi Guys and Gals,

Im running into a problem where Apex legends ((which from my understanding isn't that intense for both CPU and GPU)) is throttling my CPU. It seems to when i start it up use around 86 % CPU. I then go into loading screen and then its using around 50-60%. Once i enter a game its using high amounts again. I play mayb 10 minutes then it starts spinning and my pc crashes completely (((NO BSOD))) I noticed this issue happening after i installed a new cpu cooler and after i re-installed windows. With my stock ryzen 3 cooler it never crashed . With my LC-Power one it is crashing. Can it be down to the cooler if it was the only hardware component replaced?

Ir is it since they dropped season 3 that it has become way more CPU dependent.

Im running the below.

CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G
RAM: 1 x 8GB Hyper X 3200mhz
GPU: MSI Radeon R390
PSU: 550W
SSD: kingston 120GB
EXT 2.5mm HDD: 500GB ((all games are on this as i got my internal terrabyte hdd yesterday havent had the chance to move them yet.))
Let's stop thinking a game is 'throttling' something...(CPU usage means nothing, and you might as well get used to near 100% busy status, quite common with 4c/4t cpus in any game outside of solitaire.

Either your cooling is adequate, or it is not, and no game is intense enough to actually cause overheating, assuming your cooler is mounted properly, with some thermal compound applied. You may monitor temps with RYzen Master.

(8 GB of RAM is quite marginal these days, and two sticks run in dual channel is alwyas preferable to performance for RAM bandwidth.)
check temps. Usage means nothing. its either driver of something or heat.
start with heat, it will be easier to find,
keep an app like speedfan open in background to see if anything will not end up with 90'C+
if so, you did a poor job with paste or reseating, do it again.
if not, its windows driver and one of those:
is your key.

or windows did something again and you cannot do shit.
Jun 15, 2019
Thank you for the swift responses. I will change back to my stock cooler as it obviously did a better job. i will revert back tomorrow with my findings. Thanks again.