Question APFC psu and AVR safe?

Sep 17, 2021
I have a old AVR that works fine, but i'm getting a Corsair CV650 for my pc and i've read that an AVR can damage a psu that has APFC , that it's better to just plug the psu to the wall outlet (This is an AVR right? i'm from Argentina and we call them "Estabilizadores de Tension", "Voltage stabilizers")
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i've read that an AVR can damage a psu that has APFC
Where did you read that from?
Since in every UPS, there is AVR built-in and if they all would damage Active PFC PSUs (basically every modern PSU), none of the PCs (including two of mine) could ever use an UPS. (Btw, i've been using UPSes for 3+ years now, problem free.)

Yes, there are standalone AVRs, like the one you linked. And if they are built very poorly, with low standards, to aim for cheap price, they can damage everything you connect to them. Albeit their job is to safe keep the plugged in hardware.

Corsair CV650
A low quality PSU which i'd steer clear away from. Better get Corsair RM/RMx series, or even better yet, Seasonic Focus or PRIME series PSU.
No.. Automatic Voltage Regulation on UPS are done using Transformer with many Taps on secondary... Yes Cheaply Build UPS can damage your PSU because of Inductive Voltage spikes induced during AVR switching... And don't worry decent UPS have Good Circuitry to prevent Spikes like that.. like Using MOVs, Capacitors... Even am using my PC with my Home. inverter.. (Luminous Ecowatt 1650 (1500VA home UPS) that is really crap outputs square wave output.. and sometimes makes high inductive spikes... But Am using my PC since last 2 years no issues till then.. (inverter have it's MOVs and Snubber Capacitors too)... So you will be fine . Using CV650 with UPS with AVR