APPCRASH - Black ops 2 and BSOD - 10303


Dec 7, 2012
Hey guys having quite a problem here,

First problem is the blue screens. Out of no where randomly I always get the blue screen with the error message Local ID 10303. Have tried searching around with no luck. Does anyone know the cause and fix of this annoying error?

Second Problem is bloody Black ops 2. So at first the game would just crash randomly with no warning, in game, out of game whenever displaying no message. I have tried updating, downgrading all drivers, reinstalling directx downgrading to directx 9 no luck. So i decided to reformat. After installing all drivers and updates I tried to run Black ops 2 again and the same problem occurd, random crashing. However this time it displayed a error message APPCRASH. Have tried so many things to get it to work nothing.

The bluescreens are random and not dependent on anyinthing (as far as i know), however the crashes are only with Black ops 2. Other games run fine. Also had a problem trying to install guild wars every single time I tried to update it it would BSOD. Pretty annoying.

If anyone could help with these annoying problems it would be much appreciated.

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
AMD FX-8150 Eight-core processor (8CPUs) ~ 3.6GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM
GTX 680 3753MB 1920x1080

The Stealthinator

Aug 22, 2012
How old is the hard disk? Maybe that might be a problem?

Seeing as you have 16GB RAM, I would hardly think that would be the problem of the crashing game as there is more than enough memory to run any app by today's standards.

Make sure you have the latest patch for Black Ops 2.