Apple Considered Buying Imagination, No Offer For Now

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Mar 25, 2011
"but also to expand them to its Macbook line."


Apple would be crazy to close their systems(again) from ATI/Nvidia... Won't happen, keeping the graphics option open is the one thing that keeps the lights on in the laptop/desktop department within apple...


Is there a typo in this paragraph?

"Imagination currently has a market cap of roughly half a billion British pounds (or about $750 million USD), which wouldn’t be all that expensive Apple and its deep pockets. However, Apple may feel that it could get the IP company for less in a couple of years if Imagination’s revenues shrink.


Oct 22, 2010
"Apple Considered Buying Imagination"

There is a big step from "considering buying" and actually doing so. Just a few years ago Apple "considered buying" Intel.


Apr 5, 2016
First they never had anything to do with the A whatever. It stands for ACCORN Its an old out of date risc cpu.. They got sued by Commodore and Accorn lost . Even the ppc tears it apart. The AMIGA was going PARISC aka ITANIUM, and did via the HOMBRE. under the Toaster Over/Screamer .you could have over 250 cpus ,and mix and match them ITanium and parisc of which the Itanium is the newer version of the Parisc only its on steroids as of 2003 ,because its true 64 core with true 256bit per each core. Plus, you can mix and match Sgi ,Alpha, and PPC with in the whole system.All based on The Amiga 4000 or Amiga 2000 ..Amiga Amiga os 3.1-3.9./ amiga os1.3-2.1 respectively of course it would modularize to true 256 bit ,and its registered under the true 64 true unix site .NO x86 = / mac is due to the fact that mac and is x86 which are the same non UNIX no true 64 non multitasking non real-time are claiming which they aren't,, So they had to make a registering to straighten things out. Besides they never invented a dam thing Amiga really invented a lot of things. VR, for one pfft 1987 via Amiga really nice, and better, heck they had those games in Canada and Europe by 1989. Based mostly on an Amiga 2000 really a desktop Amiga 1000 sad so sad ,and you guys cant beat that still mac = pc pfft lol.
Apple itself or rather really, they did go under .Really ,think about they never had this much money.How do they now .They where bigger back in the day then now,and yet they can buy more stuff with less money ,and don't own themselves,,,I know not.. Who makes everything about apple products ..think think dah Intel ..there you have thats who apple really is thats who bought out apple ..i wonder whom apple is going to turn into lol maybe another system think long and hard,,
Be honest ,and wake up sheepeople ..the EARTH is FLAT
John 3:17
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