News Apple Debuts 15-inch MacBook Air at WWDC


Aug 7, 2008
The thing about this computer that I find most interesting is the absence of fans. PC fan noise is unbearable. If you try to do anything that is intensive on a PC laptop .. you get fan noise .. and lots of it. There is no such thing as quiet PC laptop under a heavy load. It simply doesn't exist.

The MacBook Air will never .. ever .. under any circumstance .. annoy you with a fan. There are no fans to make any noise. I ordered one just to have that singular feature. To have a computer that I can use anywhere .. at any time .. and never have fan noise.

Well ... that and 18 hours of battery life.. Something else that no PC laptop can do. PC Laptop manufacturers lie .. yes they f***ing lie .. about their battery life. They all suck at that too.