News Apple Doubles Down on Keeping Mac and iPad Separate, Despite M1


Jul 13, 2020
They might say that and it's true for now but eventually I can envision the entire product line being unified. I saw this coming together awhile back when they introduced Handoff. It reconfirmed my belief once MacOS Big Sur was made to look like iPadOS. It's not a bad idea if they unify the entire line because you'll feel right at home whether you are on an iPad, iPhone or a Mac.

If they do merge, eventually I can see them treating the Mac's OS upgrades much like they do with their iDevices which means you can upgrade and rollback as long as Apple is signing the OS version prior to the cutoff date. For many it's no big deal for others it could be a big deal.
If anything at this point, the two ecosystems share the same OS, the same apps, the only difference is the UI/UX. And as much as you want to try to merge a tablet UI/UX with a desktop one.. well ask Microsoft how that's going. They've been at it for nearly 10 years.


Jan 18, 2016
Just as Apple claimed originally that IOS was a derivative of OS X (now MacOS), conventional wisdom has been for quite some time that the two will consolidate at some point (much to the chagrin of MacOS fans, since it's been difficult to see this being anything but a regression from a proper desktop OS). Regardless, if there was MacOS support for the new (or future) iPad Pros, I would be far more interested in the 11 and 12 inch iPad Pros. Otherwise, I'll take an iPad Pro Mini w/ IOS.


Apr 14, 2009
Sure Apple could move MacOS to the iPad. But they'll never give up on the app store lockin and the big pile of cash that comes with it. If they thought they could get away with it on MacOS they would.