Apple Explains How Face ID's Security Features Set It Apart

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Jul 1, 2011
I owned an iPhone 3 and will never own another iPhone. Overpriced and locked in to what Apple thinks is good. No thanks.

I do want to thank Apple for teaching the Chinese how to build phones. Good job exporting the jobs and technology to Asia.


Oct 2, 2009
They are missing an obvious security flaw, in my opinion: I pick up or grab your phone and hold it up to your face and then run away. I now have your unlocked phone. Doing this same kind of thing with fingerprint identification would be much more difficult.
so aside the face recognition.... its does everything the Samsung android S7 or S8 does, so why is it setting itself apart again.. Ah yes no warranty programs in case you drop and break your lense/glass, limited memory selection with no additions or insertion possible of additional sim card to expand it, still unable to simply drag and drop files unto phone or from phone to desktop without using apple application.

I change a long time ago from IPhone 3 to Samsung series phone, I have an i7 for work which I hate so much I simply wall mounted it and I forward it to my Samsung phone, because I dont want my client to have my personal cell phone number. So much happier with my S8+

Oh yeah I have eye retinal recognition on my S8+ so that is even more secure than face recognition anyways.
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