Question Apple iPad Factory Reset - Does it really delete sensitive info?

Apr 7, 2019

I’m selling my used iPad (9.7 inch standard model released in 2017) to somebody that I don’t know online (yet). I’ve done a factory reset but I’ve heard of people gaining access to previously wiped data on phones and tablets and using it to exploit people - I don’t if they done a factory reset or not but google seems to say that a reset doesn’t permanently wipe data, just hides it. I just want to know that there is no chance that if I sell it it won’t end up with in the hands of some tech wiz with special software who can get old data, passwords, photos of my family etc - I actually had credit card details on there too (screenshots and on the notes app).

Is it possible for somebody to get this from the iPad after a factory reset or could it be a bad idea in case it ends up with someone who can hack or something like that? It’s not selling for that much so I can get rid of it if it will compromise my privacy and passwords.

Would like some advice.

Thanks in advance for your time.


If you do the Hard reset (the holding the Home & on/Off buttons down until you see the Apple logo) 3 or 4 times that should prevent anyone from recovering anything since it formats the storage. The software only method merely removes your data and resets to the default factory configuration.