Apple Is Finally Admitting MacBook Keyboards Have a Problem

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And Apple learns the difference between "courage" and running head-first into a brick wall because you're too over-confident and self-absorbed to look where you're going. I got the impression the artistic design people got too much sway within the company. A major cosmetic design change is just an annoyance if it turns out to have a problem. OTOH, a functional design change like a redesigned keyboard can result in crippling problems if it doesn't work. So it's OK to roll out a cosmetic design change to your entire product line. But you want to roll out functional design changes to a single product, and evaluate it for a year or two before rolling it out to other product lines.

"the service turn-around time may vary depending upon the type of service and availability of replacement parts." That isn't particularly comforting for people who can't part from their laptops for that long,
Lenovo's Thinkpad service gives you the option to have the parts shipped to an authorized service center, and they'll call you when the parts come in. You can then take your laptop to the service center, where they'll install the replacement part while you wait. Does Apple not have anything similar? Or is the Apple Store service first-come first-served?


Jan 22, 2007
Louis Rossmann has been covering this issue for *months*. If someone needs their Apple notebook fixed, get him to do it (or someone equally good), because so-called "authorised" shops generally haven't a clue what they're doing, and Apple highstreet stores have been lying to customers for years telling them things like this cannot be fixed, when they most certainly can.

I've been watching a lot of Louis' videos to learn SMC repair techniques. In the process of doing so, it's become very clear that much of what Apple produces is just junk in terms of design quality, manufacturing, circuit sophistication, etc., but the way they treat their customers is even worse. That people should be so loyal to a company which treats them so badly is bizarre.
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