Apple Joins The XR Revolution

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Apple showed off ARKit with a simple demo involving the placement of a virtual mug on a coffee table. The mug detected the table's position, of course, and rested on top of it. Then a virtual lamp joined the party, and Apple called attention to the dynamic shadow created by the mug. If that wasn't exciting enough (and if you're familiar with AR it probably wasn't), it also had Wingnut AR demo a game on that same table. The whole thing "lived" on the table and responded to whatever the phone's camera picked up. Again--not mind-blowing, but still pretty neat.
It's not mind-blowing for something with a depth sensor or at least stereo cameras. I'll have to hunt down the vid, because it might actually be quite good for a legacy device.

It'd be interesting to hear a comparison of this video vs. facebook's. In Facebook's demos, Zuckerberg didn't move the phone very much. For FB, AR on existing phones is still in beta, and they could probably just delay it until the market/hardware is there.

But if Apple releases this on existing iPhones, and it's not rock solid, they'll come away looking pretty bad. People expect Apple stuff to just work.
Wait. Ikea is making an app? As in a way to virtualize in XR how a given piece of somewhat-shoddy, obviously misassembled furniture will look / fit in your home?

If so, that's actually pretty cool.

VR dev

Jun 6, 2017
""The company didn't take a baby step into VR; it sprinted to catch up to all the progress Windows PCs have made in recent years.".... ???????? As someone who prefers osx, but makes his living developing VR and AR for brands, I disagree! Price points for comparable GPU implementation, as well as a lack of a top line GPU availability on their new iMac, or any other Mac internally... Makes this a ruse. Mobile VR on iOS? Not on their low Rez screens. There will be no daydream or gear VR competition until they get some real mobile resolution on their gear. Oculus support? Nope. They have the cash, they're just sitting around waiting. Apple fanboys can't wait to write the story that Apple invented VR the second they even react to the market. That isn't helpful. They have had so many miscues with the Mac lately, they've lost the pro user market, which they could have absolutely owned, but stagnated with the flattening of the CPU curve, missing the linear improvement of the GPU, and losing three years of graphics innovation. Tim cook is no Steve Jobs. The same thing is happening in slow motion between iOS and Android, as well.



Thanks for your insights. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on VR news, in the future.

Nice to see Apple getting into AR.
With both Apple and Microsoft planning AR we can expect to see more AR applications. Based on what I've seen and experienced so far I can't wait to see what happens when this sh** goes more mainstream.

I can think of an AR app that needs to be made ASAP. :)
It would be killer app level and a person/company could make millions, dev would need to start immediately and big budget and/or investors will be needed. The market potential is HUGE.


Jun 13, 2008
Hold on while I develop a VR game for a $5000 Mac Pro using Metal API. I am sure the 50 or so people who will use that as their VR platform will shell out enough money for it to be worth my time.

yeah, just charge $100,000 for the game; they will buy it!
He's right though... the market potential for a MAC VR platform is almost no-one.

On the other hand the market potential for an iPhone AR application is epic huge.
(Apple has sold billions of iPhones... Literally)
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