Apple Joins Wireless Power Consortium, Hinting At Future iPhones With Qi Wireless Charging Support

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Surprising Apple hasn't made its own proprietary wireless charging technology (that would presumably be superior than the industry standard). Just think of the ultra expensive "Apple iCharger" they could sell you to use it. If they're just going to use Qi, then why have iPhone users had to wait FOUR+ years for it?


Apr 13, 2010
@ Lucian armasu: e cumva o politica pe Tom's hardware sa nu scrie despre AMD? Au aparut listele de preturi la noile procesoare si placi de baza si aici, pe un site ce era odata competent nu scrieti decat tampenii despre Nvidia si Intel. De aceea a scazut drastic numarul de vizitatori si al celor care comenteaza articolele. Spune-le si lor de ce nu am scris in engleza.
[quotemsg=19294426,0,2418565]Apple ppl had to wait years for simple copy paste. Nothing new to see here.[/quotemsg]
Will be hilarious to see this sold as a "great innovation" and "amazing", both by Apple and the media (most of whom use iPhones and thus have no clue how far behind the curve Apple already is). I hear they're also switching to OLED. That's almost too much "innovation" for a single Apple release!


May 10, 2012
Lucien, one thing is guaranteed. Apple will not call it Qi charging on their phones even if it is. It's in their nature to be divisive and use some confusing naming just to make dumb consumers think they have to buy the one from Apple to be able to use it on the charger at your local coffee shop.
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