News Apple Launches Self Service Repair, Allowing Users to Fix Their Gadgets


Oct 5, 2018
As the walled-garden company controlling every aspect they can possibly get their hands on, this is extremely out of the norm for Apple. The popularity of Right to Repair in an age where money printing is driving the cost of everything through the roof, their phone lines must have been being melted by callers desperate for help.

It's kind of a simple math problem. Each Apple store has so many geniuses, multiply that times how many users call daily and an ever extending wait time, and it all ends up here. When you simply don't have the man power, the option of deputizing your own customer base starts to make a whole lot of dollars and cents.

I applaud Apple for doing the non-Apple thing for a change. Hopefully this is a permanent development and not just for a few years here.
The Self Service Repair will chiefly focus on repairing batteries, displays, and camera issues at first. Apple will introduce more complex repairs to the service later on in 2022. The store offers over 200 individual parts and tools, most of which are used to repair Apple smartphones.

You'll have to refer to Apple’s Repair Manual before contacting the company for an order of "genuine parts and tools" from its Self Service Repair Online Store. Then you ship the used parts to Apple, which will then give you a credit toward your purchase. The service will also be available for Apple products no longer under warranty.

Apple details that its new service is meant for "individual technicians with he knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices," and advises most of its customers to continue using professional repair services.
This is how apple has been operating for years now, here is a video of rossmann talking about it years ago.
Nothing has changed so how is this news??
Nov 17, 2021
But only if the end user is an experienced (apple) repair person...same difference.
It sounds more like a recommendation than a requirement. I don't believe by "experienced person" they mean Apple-authorized. It can be a friend or a (non-Apple authorized) paid service. They are simply avoiding responsibility for damage arising from this kind of repairs. Bottom line, they need the program to work to prevent or delay legislation, as it could be even more onerous. Other brands need to follow suit, of course.

If I'm not daydreaming and the program is successful, I could even consider buying my first Apple product (after 40+ years).
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Feb 12, 2015
Apple is willing to allow their users to fix their gadget because Apple know that most of their zealot don't have required knowledge to do so or find a place/person that can do so. ;)


Jan 15, 2021
i kinda confused someone/ a team in big tech company has made the "apple authorized service only" introduced before.
how on earth you can provide "authorized service only" while you have billions device out there.
thats 1 problem that already make it almost impossible.

david germain

Apr 14, 2013
Dont be under any illusions this is a trap. They will find a few people who have burnt down a building or been seriously injured. then they will go back to congress and say 'see we said it was dangerous, the government need to stop this'. And Apple lobby will once again be top dog.