Review Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch) Review: More Than Just a New Keyboard

Considering even budget Android phones have 4K cameras. The Macbook Pro should have a 4K webcam. I can't imagine they cost much if they are being put in sub $300 phones.

More ports would be good. Then again it has four all purpose video ports. I'm not sure HDMI is necessary. As that limits you to one standard. So, you'd still need to carry adapters (dongles) for connecting to other video devices anyway. For example a lot of offices still have VGA projectors. With Thunderbolt you can just carry one small dock which connects to a wide array of video devices. Plus standard USB, Ethernet and SD.

Even a micro SD port would be great. So, one can expand storage internally.
May 11, 2020
I wonder if Tom has tested the Radeon Video Drivers from The default windows drivers for that rig he tested won’t even allow Red Dead Redemption 2 to start up. The Radeon Drivers from that site, while running in boot camp mode, allow speeds of 50-70 FPS and even higher in some cases. You will also need to install Mac fan control using the left sensor to monitor cpu heat and the right gpu heat. I set the minimum at 60 C. Also I installed throttlestop to limit cpu boost to 3.6 ghz. It runs Skyrim and Fallout 4 with the fan barely running and it’s running at ultra high settings. It runs Assasin’s Creed:Odyssey and Foreza with 50+ FPS, RDR2, GTA V, and other popular with very good FPS numbers

The video Below has all the details. In my case I chose Red Driver 2. After following all the steps I found the setup program didn’t run but Radeonsetup did. I have the exact same rig Tom tested but with 64 GB of ram and 4 TB of SSD storage, using standard bootcamp with the latest version of Catalina.

For bootcamp users note if you run Paragon’s NTFS for Mac you may not be able to see your bootcamp partition on the Mac Disk Chooser. To deinstall it lookup the proper procedure to deinstall it because it leaves a number of things that could cause trouble. This is completely unrelated to changing video drivers.

link on how to properly setup the game optimized driver for the 5500 with 8 gb RAM

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