News Apple Suppliers Plan to Resume Production on Monday Despite Coronavirus


My family & I live in the US and my wife's a gardener. Last week a small package arrived in the mail and as I was looking thru what our mail lady had just dropped off, I noticed a small manila envelope. I won't lie, when I saw it was from China, I immediately dropped it on the lawn. Then I remembered reading that the virus didn't live long on surfaces. Still went and grabbed Lysol cleaning wipes and wiped off the package just to be safe. Inside were sealed foil packages containing seeds, these packages were also thoroughly cleaned with the wipes.

Overkill perhaps, but better safe than.... well.. you know.

Anyways, I wonder how this will effect their sales? Regardless of the growing concern of China's general labor issues, with the CoronaVirus currently running rampant, I'm sure there are those that won't believe the virus would be long dead before any such package reached them.. From a purely financial standpoint, I wonder how them resuming production will effect them, if at all or significantly.

Be safe everyone.