Apple's iCloud Keeps Forgetting To Delete Users' Synced Data

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Jan 21, 2015
You mean Apple acts all high and mighty, suggesting they take their users' privacy and security much more seriously than other companies, yet they actually care so little about it, that even when researchers point out their blatant flaws, they don't even give their users the dignity of response? I gotta tell you... I'm shocked... Just shocked... Surely all the Apple fanboys out there will immediately sell their Apple devices and never purchase another one ever again. "No," I hear you say? Apple can do whatever they want and their loyal users will take it like champs and keep on purchasing Apple devices? Wow, what troopers.


May 29, 2008
Google's a lot simpler. Assume they keep everything and get on with your life.

I think the discussion of end-to-end encrypted messaging might be misleading. Presumably Apple cannot store the un-encrypted messages, can it? I assume it has to be storing encrypted messages, and presumably that's just raw data Apple (and the FBI, hackers, etc...) will never be able to do anything with (without dedicating a lot of processing power to decrypt).

If Apple is storing un-encrypted messages, that's not end-to-end encryption.


Sounds pretty dumb that they'd fix previous iCloud issues and just skip checking the rest.
The iMessage thing is also concerning, but I wonder just how easily these can be exploited, given the article says "with users credentials", and the fact the FBI not so long ago went to extraordinary lengths to get access to a locked iphone.

LMAO at the Google comment. Even though they're all pretty much the same.

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That's a weird statement. If Apple can't delete files without decrypting them first, how can Apple send those files back to the phone?
I can only imagine how weird of an exchange that would be...

iPhone: "iCloud, give me file 42!"
iCloud: "Here you go, file 42."

iPhone: "iCloud, delete file 42!"
iCloud: "Ok, deleting file 42."
* 30 days later *
iPhone: "Well, did you delete it?"
iCloud: "Wait, I'm still decrypting it."
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