News Apple's Self-Service Repair Program Goes Live in the US


If Apple's new repair program is anything like its previous repair program, there will be so many strings attached that most companies and people will be better off going through non-official channels where possible.

In the previous instalment, participating repair stores had to commit to selling a minimum volume of new Apple products to qualify, had to agree to surprise audits for unauthorized parts that got you kicked out of the program and face hefty penalties if you equipped and stocked yourself to do more repairs than what Apple allows, had to forward your customers' details to Apple to get parts shipped as-needed instead of being able to order in bulk to have the parts on-hands for quick turn-around, etc. Basically, shops that wanted to opt in had to forfeit their ability do do repairs beyond simple parts-swapping of Apple-sanctioned components along with their customers' privacy.
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Jan 7, 2022
This is nothing new imo.. the name is just for show. All this has been on YouTube for years now, and despite the fact that tutorials are out there, people still go for repair at Apple stores and local repair shops in masses.