Application Audio Issues (Windows 10 Home)


Aug 7, 2015
Help! This is getting really annoying, I'm listening to Pandora and sometimes Napster on my PC and whenever I go to play something like a game the audio either dims to where I can't hear it, or it just mutes itself. I've tried everything that I've seen from my research on it such as making the whole "Do Nothing" under the communications tab on my sound options. I can't access enhancements because I have my headset running through Logitech's G software. I already have my headset set as "Default Device" that didn't work. My Realtek HD Audio has no play in this either because I can't change settings due to my headset running on the Logitech G software.

I've turned off 7.1 Surround, didn't work. Changed the communications tab to "Do Nothing", didn't work. Can't access Enhancements so that doesn't work by default. I've tried checking all of the boxes under "Exclusive Mode" nothing worked there. I was told that It was my Skype auto adjusting my audio. I checked that, made sure it wasn't and that didn't work. I've tried to use my Realtek HD Audio by unplugging my headset from the Logitech USB dongle and still didn't work. This is getting very annoying and I cannot seem to find a fix to this issue.

My system specs are:
-AMD R9 280
- AMD FX-8350
- 12GB's of RAM
- Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P Motherboard
- Logitech G430 Headset using Logitech G Software for 7.1 surround.