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Question Application icons keeps becoming blank


Aug 3, 2017
I've installed a fresh installation of windows 10 after having multiple times of having the same issue. I have applications losing their icons, they just become blank. It's not the shortcut but the application itself has became a blank, even though I can still execute and use it. I've tried rebuilding IconCache.db to no avail, the problem persists. Everything was completely fresh, so could it be an SSD failing? Should I replace my SSD? I've been troubleshooting for about 6 hours now and all hope seems lost.


Win 10 Master
Are you using the same user name/password each installation? is it linked to a microsoft account? i just wonder if its the user. WIndows syncs settings between users so it might just be a broken profile.

create a new local user - https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/4026923/windows-10-create-a-local-user-or-administrator-account
make it admin
while on current user, go to C/users folder
copy the contents of your current user onto the new users folder - this gives it full access and should let it use everything old user has.
login to new user and perhaps use it for a while and see if you have same issues.

Otherwise, maybe it is the SSD. Its rather strange that its only the icons.